Assess AI Training Content Attribution, Effects, and Output

Gain an accurate assessment of changes in the weights and structure within the neural network.

Become an Effective AI Data Trainer

Establish machine learning weights and scoring. Leverage AI tools for data analysis and AI content optimization. 

With content attribution solutions, you can:  

  • Support AI transparency  
  • Measure content attribution 
  • Quantify content impact 
  • Understand machine learning weights 
  • Leverage AI content optimization 
  • Ensure continuous AI optimization 

Deploy content attribution methods that today’s AI systems require to be valuable, competitive, and always evolving.

Copyrights & AI

Identify a specific input, such as copyrighted material by content set, social media, or licensed asset. Understand the origins and attribution of your training content to protect intellectual property. 

AI Data Analysis

Establish AI weights and scoring for neural network training based on the contribution of a specific data set to a given result.

Learn what percentage of output can be traced back to the selected training content.

Determine what training content is contributing to the function of your neural network.



Find out how to provide content attribution for generated output of your AI/ML neural network by getting in touch with our AI content optimization experts today.

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