Coleson Bruce Appointed VP of Business Innovation

by Melany Joy Beck
June 5, 2024

Business innovation leader joins Authentrics.AI to boost company expansion in artificial intelligence assessment.

Today, Authentrics.AI announces the appointment of Coleson Bruce as VP of Business Innovation. A deep-tech software company, Authentrics.AI enables efficiency, effectiveness, and governance throughout the AI data economy value chain by providing quantitative neural network data measurement, monitoring, and modification solutions. 

“Coleson brings a remarkable depth of business experience across the globe and in several sectors where our technologies will unlock new levels of potential and innovation,” said Authentrics.AI CEO John Derrick. “His skillsets are uniquely complementary to supporting the Authentrics.AI mission of empowering various individuals and organizations to leverage AI technologies responsibly and effectively.” 

With 15 years of experience working with technology-enabled businesses subject to complex international regulatory frameworks, Bruce has advised capital allocators, governments, start-ups, and Global Fortune 50 corporations.  

Legal Expertise with a Focus on the AI Economy

An attorney specializing in complex asset transactions with national security implications, his professional background includes executive roles in technology start-ups and a prior career as a partner in top AmLaw-50 law firms.

In the VP of Business Innovation role, Bruce looks forward to building on these experiences to anticipate and fulfill the diverse needs of various stakeholders in an evolved AI economy.

“Authentrics.AI technologies address the current root challenge, which is the ‘black box problem’ in AI/ML neural network transparency and governance,” said Bruce. “The ability to audit the content effects on AI is crucial to not just the developers of AI systems, but also to anyone that deploys, regulates, or monetizes these AI systems and training data.”

An expert in structuring innovative commodity transactions and royalty arrangements, Bruce combines his experience in the technology sector with deep cross-industry aptitude for identifying innovations that can be brought to Authentrics.AI and its clients. 

Building Trust in AI

Joining a leadership team committed to building effective and innovative AI solutions, Bruce brings his unique insight to help businesses solve complex issues in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“He sees around corners and does so from various perspectives of key stakeholders in a maturing AI ecosystem,” said Derrick. “He’s perfect to lead business innovation in Authentrics.AI market applications and to anticipate the needs of clients or collaborators within an increasingly AI-driven economy.” 

Bruce will begin his role at Authentrics.AI effective immediately. To learn more about Authentrics.AI solutions, contact us today.