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Gain visibility and quantitative insight into your AI/ML neural network-based systems with advanced internal performance and content attributional analysis

AI Analysis tools


With Authentrics.AI you can learn more about the way your AI systems perform and function, both today, and over time.

Content Impact

Measure and Score Content Effects for a Given Result

Degradation Detection

Gain Actionable Insight Into Recent and Longitudinal Changes

Junk Removal

Inhibit the direct effects of a particular content set on behavior

AI Performance Software

Consult With an AI Analysis Expert Today.

As AI models continue to advance into many real-life applications, their ability to maintain reliable quality over time becomes increasingly important.

AI Governance

Management For AI & ML

Monitor and Measure Content Performance

Determine the value of intentional training content by analyzing AI performance.

  • Provide attribution for generated output of your AI/ML neural network
  • Define a specific input by content set, social media, or a licensed asset
  • Generate scoring for that input stimulus based on contribution to the result

Detect AI/ML Degradation

Assess AI and ML performance over time to identify changes against baselines.

  • Take snapshots of the AI instance and compare to previous versions of the model
  • Identify KPIs and set thresholds to detect and alert on unexpected internal changes
  • Assess impact of training content on output and performance

Optimize Source Content Impact

Prune protected, erroneous, or low-performing content effects for continuous results improvement.

  • Detect performance degradation or unwanted anomalies based on set thresholds and alerts
  • Identify input stimulus and isolate source content within the data set
  • Mitigate unwanted effects or output results by removal or modification of content

Did You KNow

Not All AI Systems Are Getting SMarter

Your artificial intelligence and machine learning neural networks are constantly changing but what are they learning and how is the AI system you use every day evolving? If you’re not sure, then you could be experiencing degradation.

Ensure AI performance and reduce degradation with the awareness of Authentrics.AI. Consult with our AI experts today.

AI Diagnostics Delivered

Eliminate the black box-effect with unmatched system visibility

“Authentrics.AI offers organizations a chance to see inside their artificial intelligence systems in a way that no other solution can provide. It’s like an MRI for your AI.”





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